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Hello!  My name is Patty Clawson.  Welcome to the web page of my dogs, Ballymera
Irish Setters.  Although I began Ballymera in 1989, I have loved setters since I was 5
years old when I met my Aunt's dog, Patrick.  My Father was active in showing,
hunting and breeding Pointers and I joined him in these activities for several years,
always looking over at the Irish and saying, "Bud Dad, I want one of those!"”and his
response would be, "not while your living with me, you don't."”  So I waited until I
grew up and had my family well established and then started my lifelong dream.  In 1989
I bought my foundation bitches, Meadowlark's Whispering' Breeze and Meadowlark's
Rainbow N Roses from Rose Ross.  I started looking for a kennel name.  I wanted it
to have something to do with my maiden name, which is O'Neil, or my Patron Saint,
St. Patrick.  I stumbled upon the name Ballymera in a jigsaw puzzle.  It said it was
where St. Patrick tended his master's sheep, and the name was chosen from the minute
I saw it.

Before my Dad's death, he would come over and visit the dogs several times a week.  
He grew to love them as I did.  He used to come to the dog shows and cheer my dogs
on, and jokingly say to me, "Let me know when you have a Group Winning Dog,
Patty."  Well Dad, I know you are up there smiling down on me and I want to say,
“I love you and the knowledge you instilled in me.”

This page is dedicated to you in loving memory of our times together.
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